For those unfamiliar, Synthetix was one of the first projects to incentivize Uniswap liquidity. While this sounded great from a high level, the process was originally manual — meaning users would need to submit requests for compensation on a case by case basis. Seeing as sETH is pegged to , the pool is a perfect liquidity medium as there is no impermanent loss from one asset appreciating in price relative to the other. As stated in the official blog post:. This will prompt the select of your preferred web3 wallet either MetaMask or Fortmatic at the time of writing along with a prompt to confirm the transaction. Next, head over to the Unipool tab on the far right. A transaction request will open in your web3 wallet, immediately displaying an etherscan link at the bottom of the Unipool tab. Once completed, sit back and relax! If one thing is for certain, the Unipool beta is a promising step in the right direction for general protocol liquidity incentives. We anticipate many other DeFi projects will likely follow suit, potentially even rewarding users in exogeneous assets like ETH for providing liquidity on DEXs like Uniswap.


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and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) is best defined in the How competitive is the university research system of Switzerland and where sind zudem fast gleich gross (bezüglich Studierenden wie Personal). 5This notion has long been out of date, perhaps even from the very beginning, because​.

Show more Ranking and Academics ETH Zurich is ranked among the best universities in the world, usually as the best university in continental Europe. ETH Zurich is also ranked consistently among the top five universities in Europe and the top ten in the world. A total of twenty-one Nobel Prizes have been awarded through the years to students and professors. The most famous Nobel Prize winner of this institution was Albert Einstein. Students of this institution have a tight curriculum that covers as much as twice the number of lectures of the same courses from other Swiss universities.

At the same time, ETH Zurich also has over student associations. Polyball is a prestigious public event traditional of ETH since the s. At the end of November, around ten thousand dancers, music-lovers, and many other people unite at the decorated main building of ETH. The course content, the possibilities and opportunities at the university and through industry partners is excellent and shows why this is a leading university.

Though the teaching is not very modern and could adapt to new possibilities only few courses have a more tech oriented and interactive teaching. Also the study life balance is not ideal. A lot of work comes along the semester and with exam in august and february time for personal development is very limited. In worst case students have 2 weeks of holidays at the beginning of september and none in winter time where no studying should be done.

Not only does that not allow to relax from time to time it also does not allow to apply the knowledge in internships throughout your studies, which compared to other leading universities is a huge lack.

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Exclusive to participants of the 11th World Conference of Science Journalists in Lausanne, Switzerland, ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich host a conference field trip that demonstrates how researchers at these top Swiss institutions advance digital technologies from robotics to medicine. During your train journey across the Swiss countryside from Lausanne to Zurich you will engage with a few experts in the fields of medical technology and digitalization.

During the tour, you will encounter the latest in drone technologies, find out how giant robotic arms reinvent architecture and construction, and see how new technologies change the face of medicine and many other aspects of the way we live.

tices and ETH regulations, and met our obligations to the university. In the early years the semester dates allowed us to give optional student projects over the to become ISO standards through a fast-track process, avoiding the typical ISO.

Early Postdoc. Mobility fellowships are designed for early-career postdocs who wish to enhance their scientific profile by working at a research institution abroad. The fellowships include a grant towards living costs, a flat-rate for travel expenses and a contribution to research, conference and matriculation costs if necessary.

In principle, these fellowships are awarded for 18 months, or for no less than 12 months in justified cases. Please note that the last submission deadline for Early Postdoc. Mobility will be on 1 September As of , the Early Postdoc.

Course Catalogue

Read student reports. The transfer credit process takes approximately 16 weeks following each submission deadline. You should allow sufficient time to meet important deadlines that may affect you e.

Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory, ETH Zurich, Switzerland Chair for Efficient Algorithms, Technical University of Munich, Germany.

XOR distribution plan Sora aims to democratically distribute new units of XOR, while still allowing for supporting sustainable development of the system. Sora XOR Overview page. The prices are the same on every realm as long as those realms are on the same region. Ethereum: DeFi, smart contracts face issues as gas prices rise by exorbitant levels. Showing results of 1 for “xor”: Gas.

As soon as we finish preparing the salad, the token passes through the XOR merge and “eat meal” executes. Its token passes through the XOR merge and “eat meal” executes again! That’s not the behavior we wanted. As sell orders began to pile up, Bitcoin entered a downtrend and dropped by 0. Traditionally, stablecoins will collect fiat currency as collateral, then peg their stablecoin to the value of that fiat currency.

No order books, wrapping or deposits. See the most important information about Sora in a single page. Onother issue is that i need to convert the key Featured is a token from Hawaii, Kahului Railroad Co. The validation must be done on backend side so i’m sure that i can add a new account safely.

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

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ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is a public university founded in I didn’t really like the exam system: I find them too much focused on speed, Furthermore, you have a chance per year to have an exam, at a fixed date.

The EPFL campus offers an exceptional working environment at the heart of a community of 16, people, including. Introduction Are you a digital electronics designer with experience in verification of complex digital ASICs? We are seeking to strengthen our capabilities in digital-on-top functional verification. Employing a diverse workforce is central to our success. Empa – the place where innovation starts Empa is the research institute for materials science and technology of the ETH Domain and conducts cutting-edge research for the benefit of industry and the.

Introduction With a total of km of vacuum vessel, CERN operates one of the largest vacuum systems in the world.

Cisco APIC Layer 2 Networking Configuration Guide

An APIC fabric administrator account is available that will enable creating the necessary fabric infrastructure configurations. The target leaf switches are registered in the ACI fabric and available. The interface policy group is a named policy that specifies the group of interface policies you will apply to the selected interfaces of the switch. The Attached Device Type domain is required for enabling an EPG to use the interfaces specified in the switch profile.

Specify individual as the interface type to use.

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PSC training provides an introduction to conceptual and technical approaches in research and also up-to-date methodological knowledge from research frontiers in plant sciences. Our workshops aim to enhance your interdisciplinary research competence in the field of plant sciences. PSC also offers training on developing transferable skills. The colloquium introduces participants to the broad spectrum of disciplines in plant sciences.

The topics offer integrated knowledge about plant sciences, from the molecular level to the ecosystem level, and from basic to applied science while making use of the synergies between the different research groups of the PSC. The course offers a unique chance to approach interdisciplinary topics as challenges in the field of plant sciences.

During the kick-off meeting, lecturers give talks on various topics as a general introduction to their research fields. Subsequently, each student group prepares a presentation chosen from a variety of topics and based on literature provided by the lecturers. Students broaden their knowledge in plant sciences.

They also practice their lecturing skills and discuss research publications. For all accredited Scientific Integrity training courses check the Scientific integrity training course catalogue. Resolving the subcellular localization of a fluorescent compound in intact plant tissues or whole organs is a challenging task.

Specific problems are posed by the high refractive nature of fresh tissues, sample thickness and stress-induced autofluorescence in dissected tissues.

AISTATS 2020 Accepted Papers

Nature 28 July Published online 27 July The University of Zurich enjoys global renown as a top-ranked research university and a leader in innovative, research-based teaching. The University of Zurich UZH is a higher education institute that attracts the brightest minds and unites scholars from a wide range of disciplines, thus offering them unique opportunities to build global networks. UZH is a world leader in fields ranging from the natural and medical sciences to the social sciences and humanities.

In the field of medicine, Zurich is a global pioneer.

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EPFL is widely regarded as a world leading university. At its inception it had only 11 students and the offices was located at Rue du Valentin in Lausanne. In , the EPUL was separated from the rest of the University of Lausanne and became a federal institute under its current name. In contrast, all other universities in Switzerland are controlled by their respective cantonal governments. Following the nomination of Patrick Aebischer as president in , EPFL has started to develop into the field of life sciences.

In , there were students. In , EPFL had 1, students and 55 professors. In the past two decades the university has grown rapidly and as of roughly 14, people study or work on campus, about 9, of these being Bachelor, Master or PhD students. As EPFL first became a federal institute under its current name in , with a student body of then less than , the university is included in the Times Higher Education list of top universities under 50 years old. The environment at modern day EPFL is highly international with the school now attracting top students and researchers from all over the world.

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