The AEM data provides information on the character and thickness of cover to inform future geological mapping, and also groundwater and land use investigations. The survey comprises two parts:. The data released on August 26, includes the final contractor supplied Phase 1 datasets from the AEM survey, including located data and conductivity depth sections. It is available from Geoscience Australia’s website free of charge. This survey is part of a three year program to define the basement geology and assess prospectivity of the Southern Thomson Orogen. More geophysical surveys are planned, including gravity and magnetotellurics, to help construct a 3D framework for cover and basement rocks. Mineral systems, structural, isotope and geochronology studies are underway will complement the new geophysical survey data.

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Mawson is a gold exploration company with high-quality gold assets in two safe, Tier 1 mining-friendly jurisdictions. The Company is expanding the most advanced gold-cobalt resource discovery in Finland, while testing a never-explored for search space for high grades at depth, in one of the most fertile gold regions in the world in Victoria Australia. Webcast January 30, Welcome to Mawson Gold Ltd. Fully permitted for summer and winter drilling for next 2 years, strong local support, cobalt a strategic resource AUSTRALIA Exciting Targets with new Australian acquisition brings: Outright purchase and joint venture of three high-grade, Fosterville-style shallow-orogenic exploration projects with numerous historic mines that lack drill testing Right of first refusal on largest contiguous land package in the State of Victoria with 3,sq km of high priority exploration ground.

The detailed interpretation of the project-scale VTEM survey data has added Ground prospecting and sampling work completed to date has.

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Both EM surveys and magnetics assisted in understanding basement geology. Presentation Date: Wednesday, October 17, Start Time:

Geotech completed data processing and provided a merged dataset covering the entire East Preston project. In-depth interpretation has now been completed by Bingham Geoscience, geophysical consultants to Azincourt. The detailed interpretation of the project-scale VTEM survey data has added an additional seven areas to the project target inventory and has confirmed the main A-conductor trend extends an additional five km southwest to the property edge.

All new target areas are considered prospective for basement-hosted unconformity uranium discovery and the expanded targets at East Preston will now be prioritized for continued exploration drill testing. This complex, linear, multi-conductor system hosts geologically prospective graphitic basement rocks with apparent structural upgrading and this system alone, has approximately 15 km strike length to test. East Preston continues to develop. We now have a strong inventory of drill targets over a very expansive footprint, in precisely the right geographical location for uranium discovery.

V: CLE. Extensive regional exploration work at East Preston was completed in , including airborne electromagnetic VTEM , magnetic and radiometric surveys. Three prospective conductive, low magnetic signature corridors have been discovered on the property. The three distinct corridors have a total strike length of over 25 km, each with multiple EM conductor trends identified.

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Creative Commons Attribution 4. Login to tag this record with meaningful keywords to make it easier to discover. Operations were based at Cloncurry, Queensland. This allowed for an actual average EM Transmitter-receiver loop terrain clearance of 38 metres and a magnetic sensor clearance of 68 metres. The principal geophysical sensors included a versatile time domain electromagnetic VTEMTMPlus full receiver-waveform system, and a caesium magnetometer.

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Skyharbour Partner Company Azincourt’s VTEM Survey Generates Seven New Target Areas at East

Airborne electromagnetics AEM is easily one of the most popular geophysical methods used in mineral exploration around the world and is possibly second to only aeromagnetics-radiometrics as being the most widely deployed. AEM was initially developed after the Second World War to explore for mineral deposits Fountain, , and since then the search for conductive massive sulphide orebodies has remained one of its primary applications.

Over this time period continuous advances in acquisition systems, calibration and data processing have extended its use from being simply a bump finding tool to being a sensitive and deeply penetrating geologic mapper; and its application has been extended to groundwater, engineering and hydrocarbon exploration Smith,

VTEM. Mitu. To date, drilling and other work at Mitu has encountered what appears to be only one of the anomalous target areas, M1, which.

Tim Eadie B. He worked as a geophysicist in quality control data processing for Quantec Geoscience from until when he joined Geotech Ltd. He is senior geophysicist and research engineer who is mainly interested in helicopter time-domain electromagnetic data processing and modelling. Jean M. Legault M. Sc is data processing manager, and Dr. Alexander Prikhodko PhD is director of geophysics at Geotech. The two systems are compared using real-world data collected over a portion of the Spiritwood aquifer in North Dakota that has good well log lithological control.

This improved accuracy is due to the greater sensitivity of VTEM-ET from each of the design improvements to the system. Sampling the earliest possible transient EM decay in time-domain airborne electromagnetic data TDEM is critical for shallow near surface applications.

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Vancouver, B. The deep-penetrating VTEM survey will help delineate potential deep-seated conductive zones which could represent magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE massive sulphide bodies near the contact of the lower layers of ultramafic intrusions with the favourable Archean shield rocks composed of migmatites, pelitic and quartzitic metasediments. The recent discovery of Sakatti Ni-Cu-PGE deposit by Anglo American Mining in similar geological environment in Northern Finland attests to the fact that potential exists for the occurrence of magmatic massive sulphide deposits.

recommendation from Reid Geophysics to use VTEM for direct targeting of The mineralisation identified to date occurs preferentially in the immediate footwall.

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