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Journal of the American Oriental Society. Publication date: Volume: Pages: – ISSN: DOI: / Publisher.

Weakening of this ancient flourishing Mediterranean world shifted the political and economic centres of gravity away from the Levant towards Classical Greece and Rome, and led, in the long term, to the emergence of the modern western civilizations. Textual evidence from cuneiform tablets and Egyptian reliefs from the New Kingdom relate that seafaring tribes, the Sea Peoples, were the final catalyst that put the fall of cities and states in motion.

However, the lack of a stratified radiocarbon-based archaeology for the Sea People event has led to a floating historical chronology derived from a variety of sources spanning dispersed areas. Here, we report a stratified radiocarbon-based archaeology with anchor points in ancient epigraphic-literary sources, Hittite-Levantine-Egyptian kings and astronomical observations to precisely date the Sea People event.

By confronting historical and science-based archaeology, we establish an absolute age range of — BC for terminal destructions and cultural collapse in the northern Levant. This radiocarbon-based archaeology has far-reaching implications for the wider Mediterranean, where an elaborate network of international relations and commercial activities are intertwined with the history of civilizations.

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Cuneiform was developed by the Sumerians, who thrived during the third century B. Originally, cuneiform signs were pictograms, later, it also became syllabic. This duality led to ambiguities in interpretation. The materials used in cuneiform—clay and reeds—were both readily available. Reeds were used as writing implements.

The clay [or brick] was then either baked in a kiln or dried by the sun. The word cuneiform is derived from Latin— cuneus for wedge and forma , meaning shape. The Library of Congress acquired its collection of cuneiform materials in from Kirkor Minassian, an art dealer. These materials were part of his collection of Islamic bookbindings, manuscripts, textiles, and ceramic and metal objects illustrating the history of the development of writing and book arts in the Middle East.

The cuneiform tablets in this online presentation served various purposes. Twenty-two tablets contain inscriptions pertaining primarily to the receipt of and payment for goods and services—accounting records, in effect. Twelve tablets are school exercise tablets, used by scribes learning the cuneiform writing system. These latter tablets were originally unfired, as they were meant to be erased and reused.

Nano-powder tablets of mineral standards as matrix-matched reference materials for Rb-Sr dating

The death of Alexander the Great in June B. After long and difficult deliberations Philip III Arrhidaeus, Alexander’s feeble-minded half-brother, and Alexander IV, Alexander’s posthumous son, were proclaimed joint kings under the tutelage of some of Alexander’s generals. Although real power rested in the hands of these generals, all documents, on papyrus or clay, were dated to the regnal years of Philip and after Philip’s death those of Alexander IV.

In date formulas of cuneiform tablets Antigonus Monophthalmus also appears. He is never called king, but “strategos” [[blank].

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LONDON Thomson Reuters Foundation – Gay dating apps are scrambling to remove ethnicity filters in a bid to tackle racism, as violent protests over the killing of a black man in police custody rocked the United States for a second week. Using the hashtag BlackLivesMatter, Grindr, which allows its more than 4 million daily users to choose between five options, including black, Asian and Middle Eastern, said on Monday that it would remove the filters from its next release.

His death caused outrage across a nation that is politically and racially divided as it counts down to presidential elections in November, reigniting protests that have flared repeatedly in recent years over police killings of black Americans.

The sea peoples from cuneiform tablets to carbon dating. People destruction date can radiocarbon. Tablets to get additional publicity.

The Venus tablet of Ammisaduqa Enuma Anu Enlil Tablet 63 is the record of astronomical observations of Venus , as preserved in numerous cuneiform tablets dating from the first millennium BC. It is believed that this astronomical record was first compiled during the reign of King Ammisaduqa or Ammizaduga , the fourth ruler after Hammurabi. Thus, the origins of this text should probably be dated to around the mid-seventeenth century BC.

The tablet recorded the rise times of Venus and its first and last visibility on the horizon before or after sunrise and sunset the heliacal risings and settings of Venus in the form of lunar dates. These observations are recorded for a period of 21 years. This Venus tablet is part of Enuma anu enlil “In the days of Anu and Enlil” , a long text dealing with Babylonian astrology , which mostly consists of omens interpreting celestial phenomena. The earliest copy of this tablet to be published, a 7th-century BC cuneiform , part of the British Museum collections, was recovered from the library at Nineveh.

As many as 20 copies of this text are currently on record, many of them fragmentary, falling into 6 groups.

The Sea Peoples, from cuneiform tablets to carbon dating

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Shown in photo from left : – Rectangular clay tablet bearing an adminstrative text concerning state grain revenue, dating from the reign of Shu-sin B. H 11 x W 7 x D 1,5 cm; -Rectangular clay tablet bearing an adminstrative text concerning state livestock revenue, dating from the reign of Ishbi-Irra B. H 9 x W 6 x D 1,5 cm The apparition of clay tablets dates back to the 4th millennium B.

These tablets are shaped like small square or rectangular occasionally round cushions and are flat on the front and rounded on the back.

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